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Working Together for Strong Communities

March 2022 E-News
On February 5th, Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham (NHSB) provided a workshop on preparing for Homeownership for 14 community members.  If you are thinking about homeownership yourself, contact us to learn more.

Jefferson County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

In June 2021, NHSB was asked to join the Jefferson County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) as a community partner to help disburse $1,830,000.00 in much-needed funds to support community members impacted by the pandemic. 100% of these funds were expended by September 30, 2021. NHSB assisted in distribution of $1,137,311 in rental assistance funds to 241 under-resourced Birmingham community households impacting 964 people.

A brief impact story from Kelleigh Gamble, CEO:

One day, I was on the phone with NHSB's accountant, trying to understand the complex reporting requirements of ERAP, when an elderly woman tapped on the glass outside my office. I waved her in. She waited patiently while I concluded the call. I remember motioning to a pot of coffee near my desk and she smiled and eagerly poured herself a cup. When I completed the call, I asked her what I could do for her. She replied, “Are you all the ones helping people with rent? My rent is way overdue and I need help.” I replied, “Ma’am you are in the right place. Please, take a seat.” I explained the ERAP process and completed the paperwork with her, and eventually she received assistance with back rent and utilities. Stories like this played out weekly in our offices during the pandemic and NHSB staff was so happy to feel like they were helping to make a difference in the lives of our Birmingham residents by making sure they received the help they needed.

Healthy Housing Initiative 

Our Healthy Housing Initiative (HHI) provides housing rehabilitation, energy-related upgrades, and weatherization repairs and improvements designed to increase housing stability and improve health outcomes for very low- and low-income homeowners (many seniors) living in Birmingham communities. HHI creates safer, healthier homes for Birmingham homeowners as well as improves the quality of low-income neighborhoods, leading to increased property values and decreased health disparities. Eligible homeowners receive major repairs to improve the condition of their home and its major systems including but not limited to roofs, HVAC system, electrical, and plumbing; structural repairs; insulation and weatherization.

In 2021, the HHI Initiative conducted fourteen (14) rehabilitation projects with the City of Birmingham’s Neighborhood Revitalization Funding and an additional ten (10) rehabilitation projects with Navigate Affordable Housing Partners.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.” The before picture above shows how the floor below an ADA accessible shower looked for a West Birmingham resident who is quadriplegic. With funding from Navigate, NHSB was able to work with two local contractors to fix this bathroom and shower and return it to not only an accessible space but a beautiful space for one of our Birmingham residents.  Thank you Navigate for caring and sharing!

We also would like to thank Spire Serves for a recent $5,000 grant to support our HHI Initiative!
NHSB Purchases Fourplex
Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham is excited to share that on January 14th, we closed on a fourplex on Fulton Avenue in Birmingham! This is a wonderful development for our team and our community! We would like to thank Jeff Parmer Law, Red Rock Realty, and Neighborworks America for supporting us in this endeavor!

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