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Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham receives grant from the Canterbury Beeson Trust to Rehab Homes of Birmingham Seniors

Birmingham, Alabama — Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham, Inc. (NHSB) is happy to be the recipient of another generous, $10,000 grant from Canterbury United Methodist Church’s Beeson Trust to support the nonprofit’s Healthy Housing Initiative, which rehabs homes in the West End, Ensley, Pratt City, East Lake, Woodlawn, Titusville, and Fountain Heights communities. Funds will be used for improvements to houses owned by seniors in these communities.

“We are so grateful, once again, to have the support of the Beeson Trust. They are helping NHSB make a difference for elderly homeowners needing updates on their homes,” says Kelleigh Gamble, NHSB’s Executive Director. “Their funding directly impacts local seniors’ ability to stay in their homes and age in place safely,” explains Gamble.

About Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham

For nearly 40 years, Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham, Inc. has worked to give families the tools they need to emerge from poverty and achieve financial stability. Our goal is to help stabilize urban neighborhoods in the City of Birmingham and surrounding areas by promoting personal financial empowerment and homeownership. NHS Birmingham can be contacted at (205) 328-4292 or [email protected] Our address is 601 19th Street North. Birmingham, AL 35203. Connect with us on Facebook - NeighborhoodhousingBham, Twitter - @nhsbham, or Instagram - nhsbham.

About Canterbury’s Beeson Trust

October 15, 2001 began an ongoing and unique program at Canterbury United Methodist Church. Long-time member, Lucille Stewart Beeson, died and left a great gift to our community. Her estate, valued in 2001 at $168 million, was left to 12 agencies in town. Today, that account is valued at almost $200 million. Canterbury was granted 10.6% of the interest on this money. Canterbury’s mission was to find ways to address the needy elderly in Jefferson County, including health care. For the last 15 years, a dedicated team of Canterbury members receive proposals from agencies, attend site visits with applying agencies, and meet quarterly to allocate funds. Learn more about the Beeson Trust here or contact Leslie Carlisle at [email protected]

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