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No Place Like Home Housing Counseling Program

Our “No Place Like Home” Housing Counseling Program partners with the local public housing authority to provide housing counseling, stabilization services, rental assistance, and homeownership education to qualifying residents.

Through this program, NHSB Housing Counselors meet with renters and homeowners to discuss their needs, and share local community resources and other resources that might be helpful from either rental assistance or foreclosure prevention. An individualized stabilization plan is created and counselors help community members gather and complete necessary documentation. NHSB counselors work to ensure each family maintains their housing and avoids an eviction or foreclosure. Once the initial emergency is resolved, counselors then work with these families to move them into a situation where homeownership and the financial freedom that it can provide is a real possibility for the future. 

As part of this program, NHSB partners with eHome America, the most comprehensive web-based home-buyer education program that combines online and in-person housing counseling. Buying a home can be as overwhelming as it is exciting; the more information a person has, the better he or she will be able to navigate the process. By completing a home-buyer education program, clients may also qualify for special financing programs or down payment assistance that will increase the affordability of home-ownership.

To learn more about No Place Like Home Housing Counseling Program or to schedule an appointment with a NHSB Housing Counselor, please call (205) 328-4292 or e-mail [email protected].